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Apartment house "Palm Heights"

Here you see an apartment house we build in the year 2007/2008.

A nice example for somebody who wishes to invest in Kenya.

With this special example it concerns an apartment house on 4 floors + big penthouse in the attic for the German owners.

The house has 8 big flats with three bedrooms in each case, two bathrooms, a dining room, a sitting room, a kitchen, a storeroom & 2 balconies.

In the upper floor you find the very big penthouse, what the owner is using privately and is partially rented to tourists.

On the property we have for every flat a parking bay and for the owner 3 parking bays. Moreover, a nice garden with garden chairs and sunshades in this beautiful place the tenants are very much feels fine and at home. Also on the compound we have a smaller outbuilding for watchman, the care taker, employee's toilets / shower and an office.

With pleasure we provide your apartment house quite especially by your own wishes.     You can rent the flats or sell them as freehold flats.

I would be very pleased to help and assist you if you have similar ambitions.

Kwaheri & Kind Regards
Yours Bernd Trompell

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