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You don’t know Kenya yet?

  • Passport and visa information
    Visitors need a valid passport that has an expiration date of at least 6 months beyond the date of entry. A visa (valid for up to 3 months and extended on request) is granted on arrival for € 40 / $ 50. Flight attendants will hand ower you the necessary visa and entry forms.
  • Money Exchange
    The county's currency is the Kenya Shilling (Ksh).
    All banks, exchange bureaus, and hotels exchange money, traveler checks, and Euro checks.
  • Climate
    Along the coast the climate is tropical and humid with average temperatures between 25 and 35ºC (moderated by wind). In the country's interior the climate is more temperate (especially at night the temperature can drop down to 10ºC). If you are planning a trip to the interior (safari etc.) we recommend that you bring along warm clothes such as sweaters and jackets.
  • Swimming in the Ocean
    Due to the offshore reef there is no problem associated with swimming in the Indian Ocean anywhere along the coast. The beach is also suitable for children and non-swimmers as the waterdepth increases very gradually towards the open ocean. Our recommendation: walk out to the reef during low tide. In waterpuddles that are left behind trapped animals (little fish, sea urchins, crabs, star fish), waiting for the next high tide. Inregular intervals of about 6 hours the tides change; an interesting phenomenon of nature.
  • Solar radiation
    At the equator solar radiation is much more intense than at our latitude. Caution is advised especially during the first few days. You will tan even in the shade. Sunscreen always helps. You can purchase sunscreen with various protection factors in our local supermarkets. Nude sun bathing and swimming is officially prohibited.
  • Infrastructure
    Diani Beach lacks nothing. It's all there: shopping center, supermarkets, restaurants, safari companies, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, an excellent 18-hole golf course, banks and exchange bureaus, car and bike rentals, gas stations, airstrip for small planes, insurance companies, modern hospitals, pharmacies, beach café/bar and - if you like - disco and nightclub (out of sight and hearing range of our villas).
  • Medical care
    Kenya's medical care system is satisfactory. There are physicians and hospitals for all fields of medicine and pharmacies are found in all larger towns.
  • Time difference
    The time difference between Europe and Kenya is 2 hours and 1 hour during Europe's daylight saving time (summer time).
  • Customs regulations
    It is strictly prohibited to export from Kenya animals, plants, furs, ivory, coral, and shells !!!

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