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Dear Friends of Kenya

Diani Beach is considered Kenya's ideal vacation spot. Its white sandy beach is approximately 13 km long, up to 75 m wide, trulyflawless, never crowded, extremely clean and a real "royal promenade". There are no more than approximately 15 hotels on Diani Beach so vacationers as well as residents can be certain to have a peaceful, quiet stay.

I would like to mention that in picking the lots that we now own, we made sure that they offer comfortable living conditions for Europeans here in Africa. That means for example that each complex here has its own fresh water supply, something worth gold for African standards. The lots were selected taking local wind conditions into consideration ensuring that none of the homes would need air-conditioning. Natural ventilation is always the best cooling system in Africa.

Because of our long experience and connections we are able to fulfill even the most unusual requests.

Of course we will take care of all the necessary paperwork such as permits, transfers of ownership, and change of user.

We offer many different models and various size lots. We install furnishings andlandscape the parcel entirely according to the home owners' tastes.

Construction is according to quality European standards. Footings and a concrete slab on a highly compressed coral bed give homes the necessary stability; therefore settlement cracks are not a problem. Inner and outer walls consist of blocks of compressed coral. Ring beams and reinforced concrete ceilings are of course standard. Lumber used for doors, windows and built-in furniture consists of local hardwood throughout. Tiles, faucets, fixtures and other high quality materials are used everywhere. Bathrooms are all with showers and wall tiles reach up 2/3 from the floor to the ceiling. Vanities have tiled surfaces and floor cupboards are fitted with handcrafted louvered doors made of hardwood. Kitchen walls are also tiled, 1/2 way up to the ceiling, as are kitchen counters. Floor and wall cupboards are fitted with louvered doors. Floors are covered with natural stone throughout. All walls are smooth plastered. Water based paints are used for wall paints. For health and environmental reasons lumber is treated with clear varnish instead of insecticides.

All lots/homes are hooked up to water and electricity and have a connection to the road. Palm Dream Homes Ltd. constructs the paths on the lot, does all the planting including a hedge, and provides a gateand fence.

The finished home will be handed over to you ready for immediate occupancy. Should you so desire we will gladly assist you with the purchase of furniture and finding staff.

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