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Villa Aberdare
Next, I would like to introduce to you our villa Aberdare. This villa counts to the smaller house types and has approx. 135 - 155 square metres (according to execution).

In the lower area there is the spacious Livingroom, a guest-wc, the kitchen and in addition, a nice and round residential terrace.

In the upper area there are two bedrooms, bathroom with shower and toilet, a rest corner and like all the models, marvellous panoramic windows on all sides.

Also this villa offers an African atmosphere combined with the European residential standard, necessary for us, and is completely equipped in all rooms with installation cupboards of hardwood.

As an extension, we raise this villa with a very nice rounded arch balcony, accessable to both bedrooms = Villa Aberdare B.

Your piece of land can be enlarged without any problem.
Price including 1000sq.m lot & additional costs:

"Aberdare A" about 135 sq.m = starting from 132.682,-- € + VAT
Please ask about special offers and homes for sale.
According to my African feeling and understanding, this house type is a very nice and inexpensive opportunity to realise your dream in Kenya „from a life in the nature - with the nature ".
Yours Bernd Trompell

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