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Villa Samburu
I would like to introduce you to our spacious Villa Samburu. This comfortable villa has approx. 270 square metres of living space and originated by request of a customer (Maria & Gilbert Allewelt), from our big luxury “Villa Maasai Mara" and the middle "Villa Amboseli".

The downstairs consists of a beautiful, large terrace – “a greatopen living area”. The upper floor consists of a very large open design living room (over 100sq.m). The large semicircular balcony may well become one of your favorite spots in the home. Natural ventilation is the best and cheapest way to cool. From the top warm air escapes through the upper window and cooler interior air drops down, making expensive and not very healthy air conditioning unnecessary.

The staff enters the kitchen through a separate entrance and therefore will not disturb you in your home. This comfortable villa offers African flair combined with European standards.

There are two large bedrooms on the ground floor but we can also build the home with three bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom, all fitted with built-in hardwood closets.

This villa can easily be expanded by adding one of our smaller Villas or Bungalows
to it.

For most of our "new neighbours” we build, in addition, on the property a guest house "Villa Turkana". It could become a unit for your children, or visitors, or be rented out. We would build a passage way from the main villa to the guest villa, creating your very own “little African farm”.

Samburu comes in 2 different variations, fitted especially for you.

Your piece of land can be enlarged without any problem.
Price including 1000sq.m lot & additional costs:

"Samburu A" about 270sq.m =  starting from 171.435,-- € + VAT
Please ask about special offers and homes for sale.

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