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“In the Nature - with the Nature”
Our neighbors appreciate the Kenyans' friendliness, the pleasant sunny climate, the blue seas of the Indian Ocean, the milelong snow-white beaches, the healthy (organic) food, the unspoiled environment (no ozone hole), the absence of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes etc., the low cost of living and the extremely low-cost and reliable staff. The African cooks are very well trained in all aspects of cooking and I would like to point out that every household has its own.


Pros for a life in Kenya

  • Sun, beach, and safaris (Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Massai, Mara, Tsavo National Park, Lake Victoria, Lake Nakuru with hundreds of thousands of flamingos, Shimba Hills etc.) on the equator on the Indian Ocean

  • Foreigners can register their property in the land registry

  • Kenyans are very friendly people

  • No restrictions apply for importing and exporting currencies

  • Emerging economy and infrastructure, all types of shopping, supermarkets etc.

  • Excellent possibilities for investors and neighbors
    (still reasonably priced villas available)

  • Extremely low-cost staff

  • At the moment many Americans, Africans and most of all European invest.

  • Kenya has never experienced any hurricanes due to its geographical proximity to the equator and offshore islands such as Madagascar

  • A cruise or a flight away from Sansibar, Madagascar, the Seychelles, and the Comoros (all at your "doorstep")

  • Stable weather conditions with temperatures between 25 and 35 degree Celsius, ideal for the body's circulation, calming effect for the stressed and natural medicine for all ailments of civilization

  • International schools and preschools for our little ones.

  • An almost unparalleled variety of flora and fauna creates a real paradise in this little spot.

  • The clean Indian Ocean right at your doorstep offers each an immaculate beach of your dream

  • No atomic power plants

The Shimba Hills National Park (just 20 km away) with its large animals such as elephants, buffalos, giraffes, antelopes etc. and its fabulous landscape of lush vegetation, rivers and waterfalls has been called the most beautiful national park of Kenya. The Shimba Hills guarantee Diani Beach's fresh water supply. On our lots we always have more than enough freshwater at our disposal.

Air quality on the south coast is excellent, a constant and refreshing ocean breeze blows gently; and there are no storms. On Diani Beach and in close proximity to our villa resort all kinds of sports activities are offered: an 18 hole golf course, tennis, horseback riding, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, surfing, snorkeling, boat excursions etc.

But best of all - all this is easily accessible by direct flight from Germany to Mombasa with airlines such as Condor or LTU. Then the distance from Mombasa Airport to our villa resort on the Indian Ocean is only 40 km. Time change during the summer is just one hour and two hours during the winter.

Naturally we will assist our "new" neighbors in also with authority ways and stay approval with pleasure.
Nutrition and health

We have excellent medical care here. Located close to our villas are two modern hospitals of international standards, that also offers dental care etc. Medical costs are very low compared to those in Europe. If you plan permanent residency you have the opportunity to sign up for private health insurance. Annual cost is approximately Euro 700 and benefits are extremely generous: treatment by the head physician, single rooms and free medication - a dream of every insured person in Germany!

Fresh food free of preservatives is always available. There is an abundance of fresh fruit every day throughout the year. Food is reasonably priced and of very high quality. Good nutrition results in good health. Your cook will satisfy your wishes every day.

Asthma sufferers breathe easier, skin eczema clears up, high blood pressure drops, those with a weak heart feel better, arthrosis sufferers feel fit, and those with rheumatism live drug-free.

Sun, light, fresh air and good nutrition are great healers.
The sun is the key factor to a person's objective and subjective well-being.

An internist explains:

With the aid of sunlight our skin manufactures Vitamin D out of cholesterol. This vitamin is required for the uptake of calcium in our blood. Sunshine boosts our calcium levels and therefore promotes healthy bones. In addition sunshine also expands our blood vessels resulting in better circulation.
Where in this world can you find anything comparable?
Your staff (cook, gardener, maid and / or babysitter) is waiting for you!

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